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I graduated from Wayne State University's College of Education in December 2004. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree with Cum Laude recognition. My concentration was in Secondary Education. I earned an endorsement in my major, which was Science and received an endorsement in my minor, which was Chemistry.

I was involved in the field of Education ever since I was a freshman in high school. I started off as a K-12 tutor for a tutoring program and made my way to become a tutoring program supervisor. Later on, I was promoted and became the Secondary Education Afterschool Tutoring Program Coordinator. I assisted with trainings where I provided tutors with various forms of differentiated supplemental instruction. In addition, I assisted students with the use of our computer lab for assistance with class projects, assignments, and our very own technology course.

After working with that organization for seven years, I moved onto working at Wayne State University's College of Education. I was involved in the organization of data into databases, assistance with the creation of Blackboard websites for teachers, and assisting professors with the implementation of various types of technology in their classrooms (such as Smartboard, Hyperstudio, etc.) for both staff and student use. Working with technology at the College of Education helped me realize how interested I was in the integration of technology in the field of Education.

I completed my student teaching at Salina Intermediate School in Dearborn, Michigan. The school's theme was "Science & Technology," so I had ample experience working with technology in my student teaching experience. I took advantage of United Streaming to assist with visual explanation of concepts, data projectors to assist with visual presentations, along with various other types of technology. My student teaching experience really motivated me to integrate technology as much as I can in my future teaching experience.

My pre-student teaching experience was a major factor in introducing me to the integration of technology in my teaching. I was a pre-student teacher with Wayne State University's GO-GIRL
program; a program geared towards motivating young girls to pursue careers in Math and Science. We developed and conducted surveys, collected and analyzed data, and placed the results in a PowerPoint presentation consisting of various data tables and graphs.

After graduation, I subbed for a year and a half with Dearborn Public Schools and also worked as a 21st Century Learning Program Classroom Teacher in an afterschool program at Salina Intermediate Schoolin Dearborn, Michigan. The experience was very beneficial in many ways and it made me look forward to having a classroom of my own one day.

In August 2006, I was hired as the High School Boy's Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Science teacher at
Riverside Academy West
in Dearborn, Michigan. I am currently wrapping up my second year of teaching there and have enjoyed my experience. I look forward to being able to bring more technology into the school and integrating technology into my teaching and classroom curriculum to a significant level.

My prior work experiences and field experiences helped me make my decision to pursue a Master's degree in Instructional Technology (IT). I began the IT program at Wayne State University in Fall 2006 and will be completing the program in Spring/Summer 2008. I look forward to using my degree to continue pursuing my goals as a teacher and hope to become more and more involved in the integration of technology in Education.

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